Kreps DeMaria has cultivated wide-ranging (and far-reaching) relationships with editors, beat writers, freelancers, producers and publishers to accurately communicate our clients’ outreach and tell their stories.  We develop and spearhead comprehensive, integrated PR programs that not only enhance exposure and thought-leadership in the press, but generate new business leads, strategic partnerships, and all-around growth. Our results speak for themselves. 



Our agency is one of the industry’s most trusted — rooted in a keen understanding of the media and their needs.  Our deadline-driven team of publicists is known for being a bridge to credible sources, creative narratives, and insightful trend analyses.  With former journalists on staff, we have a nose for news and a studious appreciation for strategic storytelling.  We pride ourselves on crafting content that not only puts our clients in front of their target audiences, but delivers meaningful results for their businesses.


A major aspect of any communications program is building and sustaining positive relationships within the community.  In today’s socially conscious environment, this focus is fundamental to the success of a business and its growth.  Kreps DeMaria not only serves as a catalyst for cultivating these important connections on behalf of our clients, but we assist in seeing them flourish.  Our agency has long been expert in developing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaigns that promote good will, bolster trust among consumers, and further the strength of a brand.


As much-involved experts in crisis management, our objective is to protect and enhance the best interests of our clients.  We know it takes years to build a reputation, but damaging events can undermine a brand and its visibility.  It is critical to prepare for the unexpected, which is why our team of senior advisors is equipped to navigate any crisis that unfolds.  We guide our clients through high-profile and sensitive matters, ensuring that the response is both swift and effective.

Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story
is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.”

– Richard Branson


Israel Kreps

Sissy DeMaria