The Kreps DeMaria Lifestyle, Events and Experiential Marketing division offers tailored event concepts, strategic brand partnerships and curated influencer programs for clients in luxury sectors such as real estate, hospitality, fashion and retail, beauty, automotive, philanthropy, and related industries. These services enable brands to engage directly with their core audiences and amplify awareness, while also providing important and memorable touch-points — all geared toward forging long-lasting relationships with consumers. The division has overseen a multitude of events, programming, and strategic partnerships for an array of brands, including Rolls-Royce Motor Company, De Beers Jewellers, Alexandre Birman, Brickell City Centre, RedBull, CMX Cinemas, and Fisher Island Club.  Initiatives on behalf of clients are all-encompassing — from quality brand positioning, event management and brand partnerships to celebrity integration, guest list curation, and vendor procurement/management.


Experiential Marketing
& Events​

From memorable moments to elevated experiences, our team works creatively to craft a range of events and marketing initiatives that generate wide-spread exposure for a brand. Our goal is to orchestrate experiences that make an indelible impression on key consumers. We help brands navigate markets of focus by identifying their ideal “who, what, when and where,” ensuring that events are just as aligned with their desired image as they are with prospective end-users.

Strategic Partnerships
& Programming

Our team is known for its expert ability to align brands that share like-minded initiatives, consumer demographics, and industry standards, thereby establishing partnerships that result in unique, attention-grabbing collaborations. We work to create opportunities that connect complementary brands with one another, enhance their identities, elevate consumer experiences, and strengthen brand association, thus helping clients engage with — and prominently position their businesses among — a hyper-focused audience.

Influencer Marketing
& Celebrity Seeding

The Kreps DeMaria Lifestyle, Events and Experiential Marketing division works with clients to identify buzz-worthy, meaningful partnerships with leading and relevant celebrities and social media influencers. These collaborations have the ability to provide an increased level of exposure for a brand through the development and management of tailored social media strategies based on a brand’s DNA, target demographics, and company focus.  From concept to completion, our division facilitates influencer and talent partnerships and builds out the appropriate scope of work based on a client’s budget and overall partnership goals.




Sissy DeMaria

Shana Kaufman
Vice President of Marketing & Events